Vegetarian Mexican Indian And Chinese Cookbook: 3 Books In 1: Discover Over 250 Easy And Veggie Recipes From Mexico India And China


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Are you looking for a Vegetarian Indian, Mexican and Chinese Cookbook?

In this 3 books in 1 cookbook by Adele Tyler, you will learn how to cook over 200 easy recipes for amazing vegetarian Indian, Mexican and Chinese dishes.

In the first book, Vegetarian Indian Cookbook, you will learn how to cook over 77 recipes for Indian Vegetarian Food.

Indian food is one of the greatest expression of mixed flavors. Spices heat the dishes up and from bread to rice to soups the Indian recipes are tasty and rich in both nutrients and taste.

There are few doubts that the vegetarian diet is healthy and sustainable both for your body and environment and, luckily, there are a lot of recipes from Asian cuisine that will make you impress friends and family using fresh vegetables and fruits.

In Vegetarian Indian Home Cooking you will learn:

Brief history of Indian cuisine

  • Over 77 recipes for traditional and modern Indian recipes
  • 77 vegetarian recipes for Indian traditional food
  • Vegetarian ingredients for Indian dishes for friends and family

If you like Indian food and are interested in a complete set of vegetarian recipes, this cookbook is for you!

In the second book, Vegetarian Chinese Cookbook, you will learn how to cook over 77 recipes for Chinese Vegetarian Food.

Chinese is one of the most versatile cuisine when it comes to switch to vegetarian dishes. Most of the iconic classic dishes have already a version without pork, beef or fish. Baozi? Even more delicious with vegetables and mushrooms inside. Dumplings? Grilled vegetables stuffed are golden! Shenzhen Chicken? Well that no, but, honestly, who cares?

Vegetarian diet is healthy and responsible for your body, mind and environment. It can also be as tasty as regular dieting , the matter is just cooking the right dishes with right ingredients. Chinese cuisine relies a lot on vegetables and spices, making every dish as tasty as possible.

In Vegetarian Chinese Home Cooking by Adele Tyler you will learn:

  • History of Chinese food
  • How to prepare at home 77 recipes for traditional and modern Chinese dishes
  • Over 77 recipes for vegetarian Chinese food

If you love asian flavors and you are looking for new ideas for your vegetarian diet, this cookbook is for you!

In the third book, Vegetarian Mexican Cookbook, you will learn how to cook 77 amazing vegetarian Mexican recipes at home.

Tacos. Burritos. Quesadillas. All these traditional Mexican recipes are delicious but also not vegetarian. Meat, pork and chicken are part of the Mexican cuisine and it’s hard to find the traditional dishes without the most common ingredients.

Being vegetarian is an healthy choice for your body and an ethic choice for your mind, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up to the richness of the Mexican cuisine. The flavors are given by the crunch mais, the creamy avocado guacamole and the spicy touch of the chili peppers. These ingredients are definitely enough to prepare tasty spicy and memorable homemade Mexican dishes.

In Vegetarian Mexican Cookbook by Adele Tyler you will find:

  • 77 recipes to prepare delicious Mexican Food
  • 77 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Mexican snacks
  • 77 vegetarian recipes for preparing at home Mexican dishes

If you like Mexican Food and you want to prepare it at home, this cookbook is for you.

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